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Frequently asked questions

How can I upload a post to the feed?

To upload a post to the feed and add it to your albums, tap on the create icon in the center of the bottom bar.  Caption → Add to Albums → Choose a Topic

How can I add photos to my albums?

There are two main ways of adding images to your albums, here are both:

1. When uploading to your feed you can select the albums you wish to add the post to.

2. To add previous uploads to an existing album or a new album: Profile → Edit Album → Select images under “Choose photos to include in album”

How do I access my community/groups?

To access a group feed for one of your communities: Tap the bulletin icon (three lines) on the bottom bar of the app. Then choose which Community feed you would like to enter.

How do I pin a post in one of my Communities?

Only if you are an admins of a community/group, you will have access to pinning up to three posts in the Community feed. Simply by tapping the pin icon on the right hand side of a post, you can pin it to the Community feed.

How can I promote a user to admin of my community/group?

Profile → Settings → Manage Communities

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