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Share Your Work-Life

Build authentic connection within your workspace.

A safe enviroment for expressing your work-life and sharing your purpose with others

Join Vertabiz and find your community of like-minded professionals!


For Coworking

Top 3 reasons people choose a workspace

1. A social atmosphere

2. Interaction with other members

3. A strong community

The Global Coworking Survery 2017

The most popular coworking spaces are those that encourage human interaction. 

With Vertabiz, workspace communities can easily connect in their group, see what others are working on, gain recognition and feedback for their work, plus form outlets of collaboration and interaction with others.

Workspace values


Sharing your work-life with others. 


When the workspace is aware of what people are working on, more outlets to collaboration and interaction are formed.


Get feedback, gain clients, offer help, and work with others.


Giving people a sense of belonging, recognition for their work, and higher purpose to what they are working on.

The on-boarding process is easy! Once users have joined their workspace group on Vertabiz, they will automatically follow each other.

For Coworking

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